Pumpkin Patch

COME HELP US UNLOAD PUMPKINS!! Pumpkins will be here Thursday, September 28 at 4:00 p.m. with taco soup in the Fellowship Hall to follow. The Great Pumpkins are up! Be sure to stop by and sign up for a shift at the patch.


Sign up for your 30 min. time slot!


For you as you pray... 

1. That you will be open to what God has to say to you during this time 2. That you will see the needs of the pumpkin patch
3. That the meditation of your heart be acceptable to God 

For the pumpkin patch in general... 

4. For hearts to be awakened during this prayer vigil
5. Church members to be renewed to focus on Jesus
6. Ears to hear the Spirit during this prayer vigil
7. For the Church to resist spiritual apathy and complacency
8. Congregational support and love for the pumpkin patch
9. Patch will stand out as promise of God’s love to the community 10. We will trust in the power of the Lord during the pumpkin patch 

Servants who work the pumpkin patch... 

11. Servants to be friendly and positive 

12. Servants to act on God’s calling by serving in the pumpkin patch 

13. Servants to desire to serve God and magnify Jesus 14. Commitment to the pumpkin patch will be protected 15. Good health to servants of the pumpkin patch
16. Punctuality for the servants of the pumpkin patch
17. Servants will show God’s love to all who visit
18. Servants to be passionate for the Lord 

Children and all who visit the pumpkin patch... 

19. Children will see God’s Love
20. Children will have meaningful interactions
21. God will become more real to the visitors
22. Children will enjoy their time in the patch
23. Safe travels to and from the pumpkin patch
24. Teachers will be blessed by coming to the pumpkin patch
25. Families will be blessed during their visit to the pumpkin patch 

Missions supported by the pumpkin patch... 

26. The missions supported by the pumpkin patch prosper 

27. The pumpkin patch will be fruitful in the funds it raises 

28. The community will prosper from the missions supported 

29. The Indian reservation we received the pumpkins from will prosper from our sales 

30. Our church will know the needs of the missions supported by the pumpkin patch